What is organic traffic and how can it be increased?

The organic traffic of a web page or a blog are all those visits that come from the search results page of a search engine like Google. These are the most important visits that this website can receive, since they are the only ones that really come from the user’s interest in the subject.

What does this mean? Well simply that person is interested in finding information such as the one you provide or in a product like the one you are selling. The increase in organic traffic is a guarantee of a growth in sales and the popularity of your web space, which is naturally one of the best marketing strategies we can find today.

The increase in organic traffic works very well between the different SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies, although these, for the most part, are focused on improving the content provided and a better use of certain elements that are used by the search engine algorithm, such as it happens with the keywords. This naturally implies an increase in organic traffic; however, it is not the only way.

Ways to increase organic traffic

  • Through SEO optimization: these strategies seek to position your website in a better place, making it much more accessible to a greater number of users, which translates into greater traffic.
  • Paid organic traffic: there are companies that allow you to buy organic traffic at a very affordable cost. Simply their expert team is in charge of applying everything you should apply, but in a faster and more strategic way.

Are actually human visitors what you will get?

One of the biggest concerns of the people who pay for this service is to know if they really buy real traffic. Well, basically every company works in a different way, and automatic visitors are much more common than companies that work organically.

But, no, not everything works in a robotized way through an automatic software that visits your page thousands and thousands of times. The companies that offer real traffic work with other strategies. They visit websites similar to yours or with a related subject and attract those visitors to your page.

This method is much more effective, taking into account that you will not only get more visitors and naturally better positioning, but also, you are guaranteed a greater probability that they will buy your products or return to the page. The company has already taken charge of looking for people previously interested in what you do.