Seat Cushion.

A good back support or lumbar support is essential when you’re sitting at your table for prolonged durations. Not only does it provide extended support to your lower back, but it also ensures that sitting for a longer period of time doesn’t have any adverse medical conditions like compressions, stiffness, etc. As a matter of fact, almost all corporate sector companies which require its employees to sit at their work desk for extended time periods always provide some sort of lumbar support seat cushion which reduces the risk of the employees being medically unfit, and as they are comfortable, it also ensures that their workflow increases.  It is basic biology, that if your lower back has to deal with a lot of pain, over time its tissues, muscles, and ligaments might tense up causing severe problems.  Under constant pressure and stress, there’s a high chance that your spine locks up, gets stiff, or just excessively hurts. While initially, it may start off as just a little pain, over time this problem may lead to serious issues for your back. In some cases, this has even lead to randomly experienced back spasms. To stop this from happening to you, it is recommended that every person hooked to a desk for longer durations uses a special seat cushion.

The ideal seat cushion

In order to make choosing the right lumbar support seat cushion easier, this article has a few of the features which are ideal while purchasing the most suitable cushion for you.

  • Memory foam – A special type of polyurethane cushioning type which is extremely comfortable wherever it is used – sofas, chairs, mattresses, pillows, etc. The one main selling point of such foams is that over time they do not change their shape, or get crushed under the constant weight being applied. It retains its normal fluffiness and shape.
  • Responsive – The better the quality of the foam is, the better its heat retaining capabilities will be. And the more heat it retains, the better it will be for your back. It should crush, compress, and heat just enough to provide a comfortable yet back friendly support.
  • Versatile – A cushion becomes a must buy the moment you know it can be used as much more than just a cushion. It should be your go-to multi purpose cushion which can be used as a cushion, pillow, seat riser, lift cushion, etc.

All these guarantee the right cushion for you.