Sabal Bharat Sansthan

Have you heard about the youth employment program offered by Sabal Bharat Sansthan? If yes, you might have believed that they are actually an NGO that is working in the interest of the common man. The organization claims to make India empowered and skilled by offering free training programs, scholarships, and employment. The organization was established in 2016 and its founder is Sunil Gurjar, who has a political background. Sabal Bharat operates by conducting exams and then the people are selected according to their skill levels. The organization is based in Jaipur, Rajasthan and the exams are conducted all over the country.

What most of the people don’t know is that this organization is not funded by government and is totally fake. The organization is a fraud and they just gather money from poor people by attracting them and telling them that they’ll be employed soon. The employment offer is given in the name of the government initiative and in this way Sabal Bharat is also affecting the work of the actual NGOs and youth empowerment organizations. The organization conducts an exam, where millions of students from all over India (India has huge force of unemployed and unskilled labor), in which all the candidates have to pay INR 560 upfront each and then they appear in an exam. The so called exam is to check the skills of the candidates for their selection into a particular Sabal Bharat program.

The sad thing is that, after conducting the exams, there is no result declared by the organization. There are many candidates who have been contacting the organization after appearing in the Sabal Bharat Exam but there is no response from them. Check this screenshot (This is just from google reviews, you can find more in Facebook and other review websites)

According to some candidates, the result was once declared but then there was no response from the organization about the free training or scholarships. The organization attracts the poor and unemployed people in hundreds of thousands through paid advertisements, and their channel of agents in rural areas, by claiming that they will provide free skill development programs and training. However, the exam fees of the candidates go wasted as there is no result after that. To take a deep perspective, the fees collected through thousands of unemployed runs in Millions.  Here is how it happens:

One candidate exam fee : INR 560/-
Ten thousand candidates will pay : INR 560 x 10,000 = INR 5,600,000 or roughly USD 78,692.51

One hundred thousand candidates will pay : INR 56,000,000 or roughly USD 786,895.66

Typically the number of students that take this examination are in hundreds of thousands, and the best part this exam happens twice every year.  Do the math now 😉

The website of Sabal Bharat seems quite professional and anyone can get tricked because of the way everything has been shown. But don’t let them deceive you as this is nothing but fraud (visit their office in Jaipur, and it’s nothing but a two storey building in one of the posh most areas of Jaipur); they are just making millions of dollars by collecting exam fees from candidates all over India.

In this way, they are looting the poor people (and the government too is hand in gloves with them – since 20 – 30% of the entire revenue goes to them) and most of the innocent people don’t even know that because they think they couldn’t clear the exam. Also, the founder of the organization, Sunil Gurjar, who’s also known as Sunil Gujjar, was involved in various scandals in the past. Bhanwari Devi Murder case – rings a bell?  A poor midwife from Rajasthan was exploited by powerful ministers for years, and finally murdered, burnt and disposed off. It’s said that she bore the child of one of the ministers too, as a result of the sexual exploitation. This happens to be one of the biggest scandals of Indian Politics. Guess who was involved in this scandal? You are right. Mr. Sunil Gurjar son of Nasirabad Congress Member of Legislative Assembly, in line for the coveted throne, Founder and Chairman of yours truly Sabal Bharat Sansthan of Jaipur.

Read this :
and this

Since Sunil Gurjar Sabal Bharat has political support, no one can put hands on him and he’s looting the poor people since the organization is established.

The main point is, if you give the Sabal Bharat Exam, you’ll have your money wasted completely. Know this for sure.

Most of the unemployed and needy people think that they’ll be getting free training and scholarships and even employment when they are selected, but they get nothing at all. Sabal Bharat Sansthan is nothing but a fraud organization that is not working for the empowerment of the youth, in fact they are looting the people.