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One of the biggest issues that patients having dental problems face is the fear of pain they would have to go through. Some patients compromise their dental health and their smile because they are afraid of the pain that they might have to face during the treatment. So, can dental treatment be pain-free? You can find the answer here.

There are some methods in the dental medicine through which the pain can be minimized and after the treatment, the patient would not even remember about the pain or the amount of time he spent in the doctor’s office. This treatment is not generally used for all patients but it is advisable for the patients who face severe anxiety problems after seeing their dentists.

This method of dental treatment is called sleep or sedation dentistry.


This technique is usually called sleep dentistry but patients are not actually asleep during the treatment. However, they are under the effect of certain sedative, therefore, they might feel sleepy at times.

The method enables the patients to stay awake during the time of their treatment but still feel relaxed and not remember the treatment once it is done. General anesthesia is not usually used for sedation dentistry.


Some of the major benefits of sleep dentistry are:

  • The patient might feel that their dental procedure took only some minutes even if it had lasted for hours.
  • Complicated and extensive treatments like smile makeover or extensive rebuilding, which take a lot of time, can be done in fewer appointments.
  • The patient feels comfortable and relaxed during the treatment. So, even if it takes too long, they don’t panic.
  • This method is best for the people who are afraid to go to their dentist or have issues like dental anxiety or phobia. It is the most recommended method for their dental treatment.
  • If patients are treated using this method they can get a better dental health.


Sedation dentistry is very important in some cases. But it also has some disadvantages that need to be taken care of. These include:

  • The dosage of sedative needs to be monitored for every patient. Different dosages have different effects on the patient. Some patients might get the required results in small amount but some might require a greater amount of dosage.
  • This method of treatment is not covered by dental insurance. But the good news is that it is not that expensive.
  • The sedative might have contradictory reactions with other medications that a patient is taking. Therefore, the patient should discuss the medications before getting treated by this method so that the dentist can suggest what is best for him.

Dentists recommend dental visit twice a year. But with a patient experiencing dental fear, their dental condition can get worse once their fear of the dentist is not addressed. The disadvantages are too low considering the long-term effects of not having adequate dental care and treatment due to the fear and anxiety they experience every time they have a dental program.

With sedation dentistry, the problem is solved at least while the procedure is underway. What is most important is that the dentist is well trained, certified and has experience with the procedure so as not to experience any unmanageable side effects of sedation during a visit to the dentist.


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