Instructing Blogs From Maids In Pink

Maids in Pink also suggests a number of cleaning instructions by help of their blogs to help those who aren’t able to hire them or are unluckily not a citizen of Calgary but are willing to clean up their home. Some of the blogs are as follows :

Cleaning Of Wooden Cutting Boards

Maids in Pink suggests that cleaning up wooden cutting boards is a little bit tricky because of the reason that wood has the capacity of absorbing chemicals which means that there is no need to use harsh detergents and soaps for cleaning. An alternative and effective way of doing this is to rub a mixture of salt with lemon juice over your wooden made cutting board. Rub the mixture and leave it for few minutes to soak the wood, now simply remove the mixture by rinsing it with the help of hot water. This will surely result in cleaning your cutting board in a better way.

Cleaning Stains Of Oil And Grease

Maids in Pink is aware of the fact that cleaning and removing stains caused by oil or grease is not less than a nightmare for the cleaner. The better option of getting rid from such stains is to apply a balanced layer of corn starch right above the stain and leave the starch to stay over the stain for whole night. In morning, take the fabric and wash it thoroughly in a normal way. The purpose of using powdery start was that it has the capability of absorbing grease, leaving this over night will result in absorbing the dirt completely which makes it much easier for you to remove those challenging stains.

Cleaning up Smelly Fabric Furnitures

Maids in Pink know that how smelly furnitures can result in delivering a negative impact on the outcomes as well as can result in creating an unpleasant atmosphere at your home, so they have also suggested a way for getting rid of this irritating smell. The fabric furniture for example mattresses over your bed, sofas and chairs can absorb unpleasant odour from air in themselves. Getting rid of these odours is never an easy deal. Maids in Pink suggests to rub baking soda over the fabric and leave the fabric with baking soda for a night. Since, baking soda is found excellent in absorbing the odours so vacuuming this powder will also decrease the extent of odours from your fabric. Repeat the process 2 to 3 times and you’ll get complete rid from that unpleasant odour.

Maids in Pink themselves are found using a number of techniques like this for cleaning up your sites whether they are a commercial site, a residential site or a gymnasium, they deliver their cleaning services in all the effective ways possible. They believe in cleaning up your place as if the place belongs to themselves so that the bond between them and their customers never breaks. Try their services once and they will make their long lasting impression force you to call them over and over again.