How to handle an IP booter attack

If it is possible that you are in the web industry, the financial industry or basically the network industry, having a clue on how to stop an IP booter attack is very important. This is because a good attack or a possible attack can determine if you will go out of the business or if you will stay. Not knowing how to handle such situations can really kill your work. Another good reason why you should always be on the alert is the fact that IP booter kind of attacks is becoming so rampant in today’s work. Though they might be illegal according to the law, these attacks have really increased. Not knowing how to handle these situations can devastate your efforts to stay in the business.

IP booter attack involves congesting the IP address with a lot of data and information more than it can handle. There ways to handle or prevent such cases in case they occur.

First, you must always check your network or server every day. Checking your system or network will mean that you will notice the attack early enough. To prevent lots of damages, checking will help if your system has been attacked. At that point, you will be able to act very fast and try to control the effect.

Secondly, overprovision of bandwidth can be helpful in controlling the situation. By overprovision it means, consider storing more information on your web server than you think you need. This will help you accommodate sudden traffic and surges in traffic. Overprovision will not stop a possible attack but it will buy you some time to act before the system gets overwhelmed.

You can also prevent an attack by defending at the network premises. This means that you can limit the rate of your router to prevent the server from being overwhelmed. Add filters that will command the router to be dropping packets from possible attack sources.

In case of an attack, consider calling your hosting provider. If at all you are not hosting your own web server, call the host and let them handle it at a professional level.

There are also those booter mitigations specialized that help in a case such a situation occurs. Seek help even from mitigation companies and let them help you solve the problem.

Lastly, create a booter playbook. The only way and probably the best way to handle attacks is to create a playbook with the detail of the steps to follow in case there is a preplanned attack