How does design affect your ranking?

Search Engine Optimization has been a tool that everyone is after in the modern world governed by the internet. Their business now revolves around making sure that their visibility on a search engine is as high as possible for them to be able to generate maximum profits. The major part of any website is its content but what people forget is that content alone cannot be persuasive enough to keep a customer hooked onto the page and this is where they need to design it well and according to Jason Atkins Chief Web Developer Dallas Website Design, a business is most profited by how its pages have been articulated when it comes to colour and designing.

Knowing more about the design

The representation of your website must be such as to ensure that any user has a wonderful experience whenever they visit your site. This will enrich their sense and they would want to explore further into what you have to offer. Addition of unique ideas and graphics can fascinate the user into ensuring that they stay on your website for longer.

One of the main purposes of your website is to make sure that they reflect on your values as a brand. The first thing to keep on your website is your logo. The logo in itself should be drawn in a way that will help the viewer identify what you stand for. Eventually, you will have to implement the drawing in your webpage that will reflect upon the ideas of your brand and make people aware of it. This adds relevance to the content that you are advertising and that has become crucial for SEO.

Another thing to note here is that people might not just be accessing your site from a desktop or a laptop only but might be using the phone. Your pages must be scalable to a size that can support a mobile screen and it contributes hugely to your ranking on a search engine.

This is where you need to seek professional help. There are companies out there who know how to construct and modify a webpage that will fit within the guidelines of SEO. Your website might or might not be an e-commerce site but these people will help you in determining the correct design to effectuate results wherein you will be one of the top results when someone types a keyword belonging to your niche.